How do I send out interactive emails with hyper links using Awesome Mails?
In order to add web hyper links, the email must be sent with either the
FTP or Dropbox option. As the attachment option is simply a picture, it does not carry dynamic content such as links and will render in the
attachment section instead of the body section of mails.

We recommend checking out the following detailed step by step instruction video on how to send and link your email with Dropbox: This is a much easier option than setting up FTP, which requires you to have a working FTP/web account.

Please note even when sending mail using Dropbox, you will need to send the mail to your own email first to test out the links. In the "compose" screen, Apple's Mail app does not allow you to tap on the links to activate them, so even when links are applied, when you tap on them in compose screen, they will not be launched.