How come my mail appears to be sent out only as an attached image file?
Awesome Mails generates mails in HTML enhanced image map format, this is different from a plain png image as it gives the user the ability to hyperlink to hotspots in the email, which can be activated to link to websites when the user clicks on them in the email.

This format of email provides the best compatibility with modern email clients. It is not an HTML email, it's HTML enhanced image map emails, a technique used by many newsletter and marketing groups.

This App also provides the user with three different mail storage options:

1. Attachment (the default option) - this attaches the mail document as an image. Please note if you are using the Mac edition of Awesome Mails, your image maps will have hyper link activated spots as defined by the mail designer, however, if you are using the iPad Edition of Awesome Mails, you will need to choose the Dropbox or FTP options in order to activate the hyper link spots. The iPad edition is integrated with the Mail app, and the hyperlinks can not be associated to the attachment.

2. Dropbox - this uploads the image to your Dropbox account. The recipient mail client will retrieve the image from Dropbox share-able link. This option may load faster than option 1, and is a good selection to use when you do not wish to send mail attachments directly to your subscribers.

3. FTP - very similar to option 2, this option uploads your image to your web server as per your FTP account settings. This is the recommended option if you have a website and are provided with FTP access.

Please note hyper links are NOT active with using the "attachment" option, please select "Dropbox" or "FTP" option in order to embed hyperlinks in mail