What if my newsletters are mis-filtered to the spam folder?
If you find your newsletters are mistakenly filtered to the spam folder, the following tips may help.

1. Please try completing the alternative text field. This field is available in the recipient listing screen (below header and footers) and will help reduce the chance of the email being mis-filtered as spam. Please include meaningful text content relevant to the email, this supplemental information helps provide mail clients with additional information aside from the mail design, which is rendered as an image.

2. We recommend completing either the "Header" or the "Footer" sections with plain text in the Mail Recipient screen. These sections can be used to populate text into the mail content. HTML tags can be added so the text are not visible on the mail. Please see video demo at http://youtu.be/2NrU65OVx0c

3. Advise your subscribers to "whitelist" your email. An example message is included below:

"You have received this because you signed up for this newsletter. Add us to your address book or white list to ensure reliable delivery."

As always, do not forget to include a link or instructions for "Unsubscribing". This is one of the foundamental rules for a trustworthy and responsible newsletter designer.